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  • Iran Agri show 2023
    Iran Agri show 2023

    Inputs, Irrigation, Machinary, Greenhouse

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  • Nutrition on pistachio trees
    Nutrition on pistachio trees

    In order to manage nutrition in pistachio orchards, we must know the important nutritional times during the pistachio growing season and be aware of choosing the right fertilizer and how to use it.

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  • The role of calcium element
    The role of calcium element

    Calcium is a constant part of all plants and is effective in the alkalinity of the soil and at the same time it is also effective in the growth of plants. Calcium plays an important role in forming the cell wall, cell membrane and their flexibility.

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  • The role of manganese in plants
    The role of manganese in plants

    Manganese element is used for photosynthesis, nitrogen (nitrogen) metabolism and the formation of other compounds that are necessary for plant metabolism. Manganese element is involved in electron transfer reactions in plants and plays a role in chlorophyll production, hence the role of manganese in plants is its participation in It is considered as a combined system.

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  • The importance of the zinc element
    The importance of the zinc element

    Zinc deficiency is one of the most common micronutrient deficiencies in most parts of the world, which reduces the performance and quality of nutrition in plants. Plants need a proper balance of all essential nutrients, including zinc, for normal growth and optimal performance.

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  • Frost in the garden
    Frost in the garden

    Frostbite and freezing in cold seasons cause damage to fruit orchards, and in some years when the severity of this factor increases, the amount of damage also increases.

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  • Chelated Fertilizers
    Chelated Fertilizers

    It should be noted that the word cleat is derived from a Greek word that means to grab or hold something. In the process of chelating fertilizers, food elements are covered with chelating agents and so called kept.

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  • Anticancer properties of fruit
    Anticancer properties of fruit

    Scientific research shows the positive effects of using fruits and vegetables to improve health. And the anti-cancer properties of these foods create health in the society.

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