Special Fertilizers

This class includes fertilizers with proprietary formulations to improve growth and be adapted to the nutritional needs of crops and Fruit trees in liquid form

Special Fertilizers

Special Fertilizers

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Specific fertilizer for...

Contains a balanced blend of the necessary elements and improves the growth of cucumber, which increases flowering, increased harvestability, size and marketability

Specific fertilizer for tomato

This fertilizer is a combination of the elements needed for tomato growth that promotes and improves growth and the effects of its use; preventing rot, reducing brix and improving fruit color.

Specific Fertilizer for Corn

Contains a balanced blend of the nutrients needed to grow corn, which increases density and grains, increases corn height and improves inoculation

Specific Fertilizer for...

Specific fertilizer is the growth of saffron crop which results in increased production of saffron stigma, increased number and weight of onions, improved quality and quantity yield of saffron