Manganese 12% Liquid Fertilizer


 Manganese Liquid Fertilizer has 12% absorbable Magnesium ion with Nitrogen


Manganese deficiency treatment factor in short time

Reduce crop loss in products like almonds and pistachios

Create resistance to major diseases like all-take

Effective and necessary in Wheat, cereals, potatoes and pistachios Nutrition

Nitrate reduction and Neutralize free radicals and Increase plant life

Liquid Product Analysis 

N 5%

Mn 12%

Application Instructions


2-3liters in 400 - 1000 liters water


Crops: 4-6 liters per hectare

Fruit Trees: 6-8 liters per hectare

The recommended values ​​are based on the type and need of the plant and the amount of variable elements deficiency

Specific References

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