Chelated Zinc 20% Fertilizer

Reference: شرکت فن آور سپهر پارمیس

Chelated Zinc 20% powder Fertilizer of Sepehr Parmis has absorbable Zinc ion


Severe zinc deficiency treatment

Increase Herbal hormones like Oxin

Improve flowering

Effective in Pollination and Fertilization

Improving Tillering in crops

So convenient for fruit set

Buds swelling and 30-40% Leaves falling end of the season

Powder Product Analysis 

N 5%

Zn 20%

Application Instructions


One Kg in 400 - 1000 liters water


Crops: 1-3 Kg per hectare

Fruit Trees: 3-6 Kg per hectare

Deep placement

Immature trees: 5-10 gr in each tree

Mature trees: 10-50 gr in each tree

The recommended values ​​are based on the type and need of the plant and the amount of variable elements deficiency

شرکت فن آور سپهر پارمیس

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