Chelated Iron 12% Fertilizer

Reference: شرکت فن آور سپهر پارمیس

This product has been produced with a purity of 12% in the form of ferric ion formulation


Treatment of iron deficiency in the shortest time

High absorption capacity in alkaline and calcareous soils

Contains manganese and zinc elements

Powder Product Analysis 

N 4%

Fe 12%

Zn 1.5%

Mn 0.5%

Application Instructions


One Kg in 400 - 1000 liters water


Crops: 2-4 Kg in hectare

Fruit Trees: 4-8 Kg in hectare

Deep placement

Immature trees: 5-25 gr in each tree

Mature trees: 50-100 gr in each tree

The recommended values ​​are based on the type and need of the plant and the amount of variable elements deficiency

شرکت فن آور سپهر پارمیس

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