HousePlants Fertilizer

This category includes fertilizers in small packages and suitable for consumption to meet the nutritional needs of houseplants, bamboo and cactus in powder form (50 and 100 g) and 30 cc drip liquid has been produced.

HousePlants Fertilizer

HousePlants Fertilizer

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Specific Powder Fertilizer...

This product contains the essential nutrients needed by houseplants and prevents the leaves from falling off and turning yellow in the shortest possible time

Specific Fertilizer for Bambo

Bamboo fertilizer in the packaging of 30 cc containers has 7 elements in the form of absorbable ions (Zn, Mn, P, N, K, Mg, Cu) that prevent yellowing of the leaves and increase the growth of bamboo plant

Specific Liquid Fertilizer...

This product, with 11 macro and microelements, strengthens the general and eliminates the nutritional needs of plants, which is in a 30 cc package and is suitable for all house and apartment plants.

Specific Fertilizer for...

This fertilizer has absorbable phosphorus and due to the nutritional effect of phosphorus in increasing rooting and germination by providing the required phosphorus of plants will have a tremendous effect on rooting. This product is available in 30 cc drop packaging.