In the name of God

We have a history of several thousand years in agriculture. Iran is the first country in the world where agriculture has begun and our ancestors have been leading this field.  Due to the growing world population, the growing demand for agricultural products and the lack of water resources, we need a specialized and knowledgeable management in this field. Given this, the world is considering ways to remove agricultural barriers by relying on new technologies to extract the highest productivity from land and soil

Considering the importance of using micronutrients to achieve maximum productivity in terms of quantity and quality of agricultural products and on the other hand, barriers such as poor nutrition in the country's soils, its calcareous conditions, high PH and salinity of the water, soil imbalances, and the untapped use of chemical fertilizers that cause soil erosion, pollution of surface and underground water, we need to promote the culture of agriculture by using new methods and replacing new fertilizers

Therefore, Fan Avar Sepehr Parmis Company, the largest producer of micronutrient fertilizer in Iran decided to produce unique products with a special formulation by using the latest technologies of the world, in line with Self-sufficiency of our beloved country, reducing the impact of sanctions and preventing currency exit. Proudly, Iran is among the few countries in the world that are able to produce micronutrient fertilizers to achieve sustainable development, food security and community health in agricultural production sector

Mr. B. Einollahi the managing director and inventor of the micronutrient fertilizers

This new technology, which has been acquired with many years of works and efforts, is being presented to all the respectable farmers and gardeners, Those who the results of their efforts develops our beloved country 

Consumption Benefits


Chelating with Carboxylic Acid
  Cause complete and fast elements absorption in root, stem, leaf and fruit
 Contains organic compounds and complexes with Carboxyl group
 Increase Helpful microorganism populations in fertigation
 Energy producing in Rooting and fruiting
  Protect free ions

Proper Scale of fertilizer Particles
Reduce Surface tension force and increase Contact  surface of leaves with fertilizer particles
  Speed up cell membrane crossing and Plant vine
  More absorption ability

Beneficial nutritional effects
Natural enrichment of agriculture productions with elements concentration increasing in Edible plant parts
 Reduce pollutants Concentration in agriculture products, soil and underground water
High purity percentage of fertilizers elements and Disappearing Food shortage
Increased resistance to environmental stresses, pesticides and disease
Producing healthy production and substantiation of food security and community health
 Sustainable agriculture realization

pH regulator
 Reduce momentary acidity and increase absorption in fertigation
Acidity regulation and water quality in foliar application

Easy utilization
Ability to use in fertigation, foliar application and deep placement
Mixing capability with all chemical and organic fertilizer
 Long-lasting quality of producing fertilizers
 No damage and clogging of irrigation systems
High solubility of fertilizers

Ten patent certificates

Fertilizer registration certificates of Iran Agricultural Research Institute for all production

Product Registration Certificates in Europe - Ukraine

Iso 9001 and Iso 14001 certifications

Analysis approvals from universities and science centers

Certificates confirming the effectiveness of agricultural centers