Sepehr5 Ca+B

Reference: شرکت فن آور سپهر پارمیس

This product contains Nitrogen, Calcium and Boron elements in an absorbable form


Improve the shelf life

Reduce Fruit  drop

Perfect and faster absorption and transferring of calcium element of in combination with Boron

Preventing crack in the fruit skin

Product Analysis

N 7%

Ca 6%

B 0.5%

Application Instructions


 2-3liters in 400 - 1000 liters water


Crops: 4-6 liters per hectare

Fruit Trees: 6-8 liters per Hectare

The recommended values ​​are based on the type and need of the plant and the amount of variable elements deficiency



شرکت فن آور سپهر پارمیس

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