Combined Fertilizers

This category includes fertilizers combining nutrients with special and balanced formulations that have been produced in the form of powder and liquid for the targeted development of growth in plants

Combined Fertilizers

Combined Fertilizers

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Liquid Super Micro Plus...

Super Micro Micro Liquid Fertilizer 11 Elements is a unique and highly effective product that has the essential elements needed by plants and can be used in all plants

Super Micro Plus Fertilizer

Super-micro-complete fertilizer with 13 powder elements is a unique product that is compatible with the soil conditions of Iran, which balances the nutrients with high efficiency and effectiveness and provides all the nutrients needed by the plant.

Enriched Iron Liquid...

Iron-enriched liquid fertilizer with compatible elements to improve performance and increase the solubility of all powdered iron fertilizers is compatible and usable and increases efficiency.

Sepehr5 Ca+B

This product contains Nitrogen, Calcium and Boron elements in an absorbable form

Sepehr3 Zn+B+N

This product ccontaining significant amounts of Zinc, Boron, and absorbable Nitrogen which is suitable to use in the following season and as a pre-flowering application to enhance flowering and fruit set

Enriched Chelated Iron 10%...

This product not only has 10 % Chelated Fe element but also has Organic matters and other elements of Nitrogen, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc, Magnesium and Cupper with an optimal balance