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Specific Liquid Fertilizer...

This product, with 11 macro and microelements, strengthens the general and eliminates the nutritional needs of plants, which is in a 30 cc package and is suitable for all house and apartment plants.

Enriched Iron Liquid...

Iron-enriched liquid fertilizer with compatible elements to improve performance and increase the solubility of all powdered iron fertilizers is compatible and usable and increases efficiency.

Specific Fertilizer for...

This fertilizer has absorbable phosphorus and due to the nutritional effect of phosphorus in increasing rooting and germination by providing the required phosphorus of plants will have a tremendous effect on rooting. This product is available in 30 cc drop packaging.

Sepehr5 Ca+B

This product contains Nitrogen, Calcium and Boron elements in an absorbable form

Sepehr3 Zn+B+N

This product ccontaining significant amounts of Zinc, Boron, and absorbable Nitrogen which is suitable to use in the following season and as a pre-flowering application to enhance flowering and fruit set