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Specific Powder Fertilizer...

This product contains the essential nutrients needed by houseplants and prevents the leaves from falling off and turning yellow in the shortest possible time

Specific fertilizer for...

Contains a balanced blend of the necessary elements and improves the growth of cucumber, which increases flowering, increased harvestability, size and marketability

Super Micro Plus 11...

Super Micro Micro Liquid Fertilizer 11 Elements is a unique and highly effective product that has the essential elements needed by plants and can be used in all plants

Specific fertilizer for tomato

This fertilizer is a combination of the elements needed for tomato growth that promotes and improves growth and the effects of its use; preventing rot, reducing brix and improving fruit color.

Super Micro Complete...

Super-micro-complete fertilizer with 13 powder elements is a unique product that is compatible with the soil conditions of Iran, which balances the nutrients with high efficiency and effectiveness and provides all the nutrients needed by the plant.

Specific Fertilizer for Bambo

Bamboo fertilizer in the packaging of 30 cc containers has 7 elements in the form of absorbable ions (Zn, Mn, P, N, K, Mg, Cu) that prevent yellowing of the leaves and increase the growth of bamboo plant